What We Do

We learn about your story in order to visualize and create multimedia content for you to connect with others. It sounds simple, but requires many moving pieces to align in just the right fashion. We pride ourselves on focusing on the details of your story to share it in a way that can’t be accomplished without expertise in multimedia.


DC Multimedia Productions started with a clear vision of helping people better connect with others through multimedia content. We work with a wide range of clients, whether you are an artist seeking a wider audience, a non–profit organization working on social issues, a doctor passionate about your practice, or a corporation wanting to produce a promotional video to better connect with your clients. Even though these may be differing stories, our clients share the common desire of reaching out to others in order to build trusting and long-lasting relationships with their clients and communities.



 As visual story tellers, our mission is to learn about you and tell your story in an authentic, compelling, and impactful way.   



We offer two primary services: Video Production and Photography. 

Our additional services include website design, photo and video editing, photo book design, professional lighting, and sound engineering. We utilize the collaboration of a vibrant network of professionals in Washington, D.C. and internationally in order to meet the wide and varied needs of our clients.



At the outset, we take time to understand you and what you desire to accomplish. Depending on your goal, this can take many different forms. We then strategize together the best way to accomplish your multimedia goal (which is really about how to best connect with your target audience), send our proposal, and plan the production. Then, we establish a location for shooting the production, which sometimes involves setting up a portable but very high-end studio (with top-of-the-line equipment) at the appropriate spot. Once we have the raw footage, we edit, create, and review the drafts -- with your input at every stage. Once we have reached a final product that you are satisfied with, we deliver the final content. We are committed to ensuring you are fully comfortable and confident with your finished product, and feel it reflects you or your organization in a powerful way.

Client Reviews: 

Ultimately, we are happiest when our clients are happy with the work that we deliver to them. We feel honored to have found a lot of wonderful people in our journey simply through extending our services. Here you can check out some of the feedback we have received in Google Reviews.


Nosrat Tarighi

Founder | Director

Nosrat is an expert-level photographer, videographer, and video editor with two decades of experience. As a multimedia artist, he prides himself on creating concepts, capturing stories in a professional and elegant manner, getting to know his clients and their stories, and bringing all of these elements together in a powerful production, however large or small. Nosrat earned his Masters of Art in New Media Photojournalism from the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at George Washington University. He also received a Masters of Art in Architecture from the University of Tehran. In addition, Nosrat serves as a video producer at The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Before his career in the arts, he gained experience in sales, marketing, and advertising, which complements and enhances his storytelling experience. This diverse background, along with his strong network of local professionals in the Washington D.C. metro area, has enabled the company to successfully produce and deliver unique and creative content to a variety of clients.

Stef 2000.jpg

Stefanie Vale

Communications Manager

Stefanie assists with all aspects of the process, whether it’s helping with the organizing of all the moving pieces at a location, facilitating the planning of a shoot, or generally assisting our clients with questions or specific needs. In addition to her serving as an “air-traffic controller” during the planning and execution of the production, she also assists with videography, curation of stories, and video editing. Stefanie brings over fifteen years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience, and is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality services to clients.