DC MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS is committed to producing unique, authentic, and compelling artistry through photography, videography, and music. Additional services provided include website design, sound engineering, and photo book design. Founded in 2017, we utilize the collaboration of a vibrant network of professionals in Washington, D.C. metro area in order to offer innovative and practical solutions to a variety of requirements, ranging from the needs of private individuals to large scale enterprises.



Nosrat Tarighi - Founder - has a Masters of Art in New Media Photojournalism from the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at George Washington University, in addition to a Masters of Art in Architecture from the University of TehranHe also serves as a multimedia producer at The Kennedy Center For Performing Arts. Nosrat has extensive experience in architecture, sales, marketing, advertising, and visual story telling for more than two decades. This professional background along with his network of various local professionals has enabled the company to successfully meet the demands in the field of multimedia production. 

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Stefanie Vale - Communications Manager - is responsible for market development and customer services. She serves as co-editor for the company's various multimedia projects. With over fifteen years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience, Stefanie is also dedicated to facilitating the collaboration of various artists in order to ensure the delivery of the highest services to our clients.